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Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression often go together and western medicine also seeks to treat both with many different pharmaceuticals. Patients who come to Dr. Patterson with anxiety or depression or both, often have been through many other doctors with no success in it being treated or cured. Dr. Patterson doesn’t claim to cure anyone, but he does work to clear the negative energies that could be causing the patient to present with anxiety and depression.

There are many theories behind the reasons why people get anxiety and depression. A big theory is involved with the idea of not having enough serotonin in the brain, or serotonin reabsorption is too great. This is the reasoning behind medical doctors prescribing SSRI’s (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor’s).

Sometimes doctors in general forget that serotonin, along with many other neurotransmitters in the brain are primarily produced in the gut. Due to this, Dr. Patterson with his knowledge in functional medicine, may look into your diet, or prescribe herbal and nutritional supplementation to aid in your ability to assimilate and digest your nutrition. Proteins are the basic building blocks in the production of neurotransmitters in the gut.

Anxiety and depression may be an inherited imbalance running in the family down the generational line. With the aid of muscle testing, Dr. Patterson can identify if an imbalance is inherited and work with you to clear it!

Where we put our intention is where our energy goes; and if we can intend to change, then we can change our very being, even our nervous system and our DNA! It is our DNA in specific organs, having specific cells, that perform specific tasks which in turn produce specific proteins that are designed to meet our needs and our wants. Yes, our wants as well! If we have a subconscious program or negative belief system that we are holding onto, we can create proteins from our genes, or stop producing proteins from our genes, to fulfill that program or belief. People sometimes call this, “self fulfilling prophecies.”

At Real Life Chiropractic, we offer a variety of services to care for your body.

What Our Patients Say

I have been working with Dr. Patteraon for a few years on and off and can't speak highly enough of him. He is knowledgeable and professional, yet gentle and intuitive. He has helped me work through ailments while also helping me learn how to heal and trust myself and my own intuition. I've recommended him to my own family and friends and will continue to do so.
Dayna Porter
Dayna Porter
Dr. Patterson does amazing work. He has helped me and my stomach issues. He is very professional.
Johannah Nielsen
Johannah Nielsen
Dr. Patterson does a really good job of making you feel comfortable, and like he is hearing your concerns. I always see actual improvement and feel like I have someone on my side that's trying to help me feel better. He's super professional, but at the same time you don't feel like just another number. It's refreshing to go so someone that actually makes a difference. Can't recommend this place enough.
Robert Morrison
Robert Morrison
It was an amazing appointment, just like every appointment I’ve received! I’m definitely going to keep seeing Patterson. I’ve received more help from Patterson in therapy, spirituality, and on my physical body more than I have from anyone or thing. Definitely recommend, it’d be a 10 out of 5 stars from me if that were possible. 🙂
irene wayman
irene wayman
Dr.Patterson has been absolutely amazing! He has helped me and my family so much! I have been going to him for 3 years now, he has been my only chiropractor since I found him, he works wonders for me during my pregnancies.
Kylee's Korner
Kylee's Korner
I was referred to Dr Patterson by family. I’ve had 2 visits so far and he has be able to relieve my body of chronic pain, adjust my back, and relieve tension I’ve had for years. He can decipher exactly what my body needs. I’ve had amazing experiences each visit. He is incredibly in tune, very knowledgeable and very talented with what your body needs. I genuinely appreciate all that he has been able to help me with! I highly recommend his services!

Frequently Asked Questions

New Patient in-person visit: 45 minutes.
New patient remote visit: 1 hour.
Returning in-person visit: 30 minutes.
Returning remote visit: 45 minutes.

New Patient in-person visit: $130.00.
New patient remote visit: $155.00.
Returning in-person visit: $95.00.
Returning remote visit: $115.00

There are many forms of energy work and too many to count for our purposes to answer this question. Although, Dr. Patterson uses energy work with the basic fact that our body responds to positive and negative stimuli. This is the basis of how applied kinesiology, or muscle testing, works. Through muscle testing we are better able to assess what the body is actually going through and identify treatments that will address the problems’ root cause.

The spine, if you will, of what Dr. Patterson does stems from releasing emotions and other energetic imbalances through the use of the Emotion Code and the Body Code. This area of energy healing utilizes applied kinesiology to assist in the healing process. From there Dr. Patterson has incorporated other techniques such as the Craniobiotic technique, Morphogenic Field Technique, Nutrition Response Testing, chiropractic adjustments and more.

Yes. Dr. Patterson Is trained in and uses diversified technique along with incorporating activator method principles. His adjusting is lighter than maybe rougher styles as he is certified in the Webster Technique focusing on pregnancy. The Webster Technique can be applied to for both males and females.

For a returning visit, a structure only appointment is $70.00.

Real Life Chiropractic at 801-839-5338.

1220 N Main St. STE 7 Springville UT, 84663

To better serve you Dr. Patterson does not accept insurance as insurance companies dictate the majority of what can be done in a visit.

Yes. Dr. Patterson works on anyone from newborns to adults.

Due to Dr. Patterson’s specialty, knowledge, and training on many subjects and techniques children are the same price as adults.

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