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CELLCORE is a supplement Company founded in 2017. Its principals are to help with conditions regarding the immune system, detoxification, the removing of pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, candida, and parasites, among other things.

      The immune system is a complex network involving glands, organs, and tissues throughout the body that help to protect the body from harmful substances and foreign materials.

      CELLCORE supplements are formulated with potent herbs designed for the eradication of these harmful substances and foreign materials. Most all of their supplements contain Fulvic and humic acid which drops the pH of the supplement to become acidic, allowing the herbs and nutrients to be driven further into the cells; thereby having a greater therapeutic effect. They are designed to be taken in a specific order so as to lay the foundation for the body to heal correctly from the inside out. “The roadmap to health” from CELLCORE products is to:

  1. Support mitochondrial function.
  2. Support the proper functioning of the body’s drainage pathways, or what CELLCORE refers to as the “drainage funnel.”
  3. Supporting the body’s natural detoxifying processes.

      In this way, CELLCORE products are unlike any other supplement brand that are the market today!

     Cell course supplements have helped with many conditions including skin conditions, such as psoriasis, rashes, allergic reactions, digestive issues, constipation, diarrhea, bloating in the gut, pain in the digestive system, etc. Their supplements have adaptogenic herbs that also support the endocrine system to help with hormones. These include hormones that come from the brain, pancreas, liver, and other areas of the body. their products also support the lymphatic system to help pull toxins from the body and eradicate them. From these things we can see that CELLCORE works on a holistic approach to support the whole body of the patient and receive greater healing.

      It is highly advised for any person seeking CELLCORE products to find a healthcare practitioner to know which products would be best for their specific needs.

      These statements are not meant to diagnose or treat any disease. This information is given to you at your own risk to help support your body in a more natural way. If you have a problem regarding your health, please seek out your medical provider.

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XYMOGEN is a supplement company dedicated to bringing the highest quality made in the USA. They seek to be a patient’s partner in health in all areas of their life.

      A lot of their formulas are very potent giving a person a very therapeutic dose. Unlike other supplement companies out there that might have more food grade herbs and nutrients, these pack a punch. Their products can help with anything from hormone imbalances, inflammation, immune system irregularities, detoxification, digestion, neurological imbalances, and many more areas regarding to a person’s health!

      It is a comfort to know that XYMOGEN products are very absorbable within the body and Dr. Patterson has seen this firsthand with his patients as they notice good changes quickly after thanking them. One particularly amazing component to XYMOGEN, among so many others, is the fact that their B vitamins are in a methylated form; so, for those who cannot methylate fully in the liver can greatly see benefit from these formulas!

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Frequently Asked Questions

60 Minutes New Patient $199
30 Minutes New Patient (Adjustment Only) $95
45 Minutes Returning New Patient $195
30 Minutes Returning Patient $130
15 Minutes Returning Patient (Adjustment Only) $65

There are many forms of energy work and too many to count for our purposes to answer this question. Although, Dr. Patterson uses energy work with the basic fact that our body responds to positive and negative stimuli. This is the basis of how applied kinesiology, or muscle testing, works. Through muscle testing we are better able to assess what the body is actually going through and identify treatments that will address the problems’ root cause.

The spine, if you will, of what Dr. Patterson does stems from releasing emotions and other energetic imbalances through the use of the Emotion Code and the Body Code. This area of energy healing utilizes applied kinesiology to assist in the healing process. From there Dr. Patterson has incorporated other techniques such as the Craniobiotic technique, Morphogenic Field Technique, Nutrition Response Testing, chiropractic adjustments and more.

Yes. Dr. Patterson Is trained in and uses diversified technique along with incorporating activator method principles. His adjusting is lighter than maybe rougher styles as he is certified in the Webster Technique focusing on pregnancy. The Webster Technique can be applied to for both males and females.

For a returning visit, a structure only appointment is $65.00.

Real Life Chiropractic at (801) 923-4373

To better serve you Dr. Patterson does not accept insurance as insurance companies dictate the majority of what can be done in a visit.

Yes. Dr. Patterson works on anyone from newborns to adults.

Only for a NEW child (age 0-8) appointment, which is 30 Minutes for $150, or 15 Minutes (Adjustment Only) for $75. Due to Dr. Patterson’s specialty, knowledge, and training on many subjects and techniques RETURNING children are the same price as adults.

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