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Meet Dr. Josef

Meet Dr. Josef Patterson

Dr. Josef Patterson graduated from the University of Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, OR. He earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2016 and graduated with an additional BS in Human Biology. At an early point in his schooling, Dr. Josef learned the significance of the emotional health of others and the role it played in their lives. During his last year in school he learned and taught himself how to use various forms of applied kinesiology and became certified in the Emotion Code.

The Emotion code is a means whereby one can release emotional baggage that is causing the body to be out of balance. He is currently working towards certification in the Body Code and MFT (Morphogenic Field Technique). The Body Code is an extension of the Emotion Code and allows the certified practitioner to look at all systems of the body. MFT provides a way to measure a persons’ energy field and correct any imbalances within the field via nutrition and/or herbs.

For undergraduate schooling, Dr. Josef attended Brigham Young University – Idaho graduating with a BS in Health Science.
Serving as a volunteer for the people in and around St. Louis Missouri for 2 years opened Dr. Josef’s eyes to the spiritual side of a persons life. Dr. Josef feels that spirituality is an integral
part in the stability of ones health regardless of their faith.
Dr. Josef is happily married to his wonderful wife, Jenni, who has been his greatest supporter and best friend through his studies. He and his wife were blessed with 3 beautiful children during
graduate school, and 4 more since. Dr. Josef places family as a top priority in his life and seeks to incorporate holistic, natural care into the lives of families in the Utah and Salt Lake counties and beyond. Through using applied kinesiology and his knowledge in chiropractic, Dr. Josef has the skills to care for and inform his
patients with knowledge and wellness.
When time permits, Dr. Josef enjoys playing the piano, singing, playing tennis, and reading books. He is grateful for so many opportunities to learn and seeks to always expand his knowledge.
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Frequently Asked Questions

60 Minutes New Patient $199
30 Minutes New Patient (Adjustment Only) $95
45 Minutes Returning New Patient $195
30 Minutes Returning Patient $130
15 Minutes Returning Patient (Adjustment Only) $65

There are many forms of energy work and too many to count for our purposes to answer this question. Although, Dr. Patterson uses energy work with the basic fact that our body responds to positive and negative stimuli. This is the basis of how applied kinesiology, or muscle testing, works. Through muscle testing we are better able to assess what the body is actually going through and identify treatments that will address the problems’ root cause.

The spine, if you will, of what Dr. Patterson does stems from releasing emotions and other energetic imbalances through the use of the Emotion Code and the Body Code. This area of energy healing utilizes applied kinesiology to assist in the healing process. From there Dr. Patterson has incorporated other techniques such as the Craniobiotic technique, Morphogenic Field Technique, Nutrition Response Testing, chiropractic adjustments and more.

Yes. Dr. Patterson Is trained in and uses diversified technique along with incorporating activator method principles. His adjusting is lighter than maybe rougher styles as he is certified in the Webster Technique focusing on pregnancy. The Webster Technique can be applied to for both males and females.

For a returning visit, a structure only appointment is $65.00.

Real Life Chiropractic at (801) 923-4373

To better serve you Dr. Patterson does not accept insurance as insurance companies dictate the majority of what can be done in a visit.

Yes. Dr. Patterson works on anyone from newborns to adults.

Only for a NEW child (age 0-8) appointment, which is 30 Minutes for $150, or 15 Minutes (Adjustment Only) for $75. Due to Dr. Patterson’s specialty, knowledge, and training on many subjects and techniques RETURNING children are the same price as adults.

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