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Common types of back pain and their causes


Also known as inflammation in the disc. Pain from this is usually localized to the affected area and is dull, achy, and sometimes sharp in certain positions. It is caused by poor posture, injury, negative energies, and/or malnutrition.

Bulging disc or herniated disc

Where the fibrous outer layer of the disc is compromised to such a degree that the nucleus pulposus (or fluid in the center of the disc) bulges outward most often towards the back. This is what we often call a “pinched” nerve. 

Pain from this is often sharp but can also bring numbness, tingling and weakness. It can be localized to the affected area but also refer pain in other areas of the back, hip, buttock, or down the leg even to the foot.

A bulging disc occurs most of the time because of injury to the tissues of the disc from poor posture. This happens especially while lifting and twisting heavy objects.

Ruptured disc

This is where the nucleus pulposis actually comes out of the disc and can run down the spinal column in the spinal canal.

A ruptured disc is less common than discitis or a bulging or herniated disc. It’s pain is often referred down the back and like a bulging disc go down the leg.


This is where a ligament that supports the spine becomes too stretched and tears. This often occurs when twisting or lifting with poor posture. Pain with a sprain is often localized to the specific area.


A strain happens when there is an injury to the muscle or tendon that supports the spine. The pain is also localized to the affected area. This happens again with poor posture although it can also be from overuse, and lifting really heavy things.

Kidney imbalance’s 

A little known cause for low back pain, but common as well, is from imbalanced kidneys. If there are kidney stones, a bacteria, too much hydration or dehydration, or even too much caffeine the kidneys can become imbalanced and refer pain to the lower back.

The pain is localized to the lower back, although it’s harder to pinpoint a specific spot as it is with a sprain, strain or a disc problem.

Adrenal imbalance’s 

The adrenal glands sit on top of the kidneys and if and balanced they too can cause lower back pain. These become unbalanced by too much stress.


As the growing baby gets bigger, the pull and strain on the lower back becomes more intense. Thereby the lower can be in pain or other back issues may occur as previously mentioned.


As the belly and body becomes bigger with weight gain, so does the strain increase on the lower back and becomes more prone to injury and therefore more pain.

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