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During the next 30 days we will be exploring the health topic: BREATHING. There have been so many testimonials, seemingly outlandish claims of being healed, as well as a large body of scientific evidence showing the benefits of deep, conscious breathing associated with movements, meditation, or both!

As a society, with our modernized-overbooked agendas, have lost one of the most fundamental aspects to our health. That is oxygen! The world is literally full of it! Technically speaking, only about 21% of the world’s air consists of oxygen, and most of the rest is nitrogen.

Nitrogen is vital for our body’s ability to produce DNA and proteins. Although, unfortunately the nitrogen that we need cannot come from the air around us as it is, since it’s not bioavailable for us to use. It needs to be in a “fixed” form such as it is in plants and animals who eat the plants. Without our DNA we wouldn’t be alive. Without nitrogen our body wouldn’t be able to repair itself while we sleep. Oxygen is also needed in each cell of our body.

Coming up next, we will dive into what it is within our cells that requires oxygen for the survival of our whole body.

Till next time. Thank you,

Dr. Josef Patterson DC

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