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Day 11 Stem Cells and the Breath

It has been hypothesized and evidence definitely points to the possibility that stem cells, which rejuvenate and heal damaged tissues, are released from the bone marrow when a person practices yoga.1 That being said, there is no solid evidence to prove this yet. It is a well known fact that regular exercise does stimulate the regeneration of tissues and has an antioxidant, and anti-aging effect.

Yoga uses deep breathing during stretching and various movements. During these movements practicing yoga students learn to meditate and often let go of things that are bothering them in their life. With looking at the power of the mind in our thinking alone, wouldn’t it also make sense too, that as we are intending to heal our body and focus on it, then that is where our energy will go. If our energy goes towards where ever it is we are thinking, I believe that our body will do the same, even our stem cells.


1. Nitya Shree, Ramesh R. Bhonde, “Can yoga therapy stimulate stem cell trafficking from bone marrow?“ Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine, Volume 7, Issue 3, 2016, Pages 181- 184, ISSN 0975-9476,

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Dr. Josef Patterson DC

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