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Day 13 The Respiratory System and The Breath

We sometimes hear about breathing with our stomachs and how it is important to breathe low and expand the rib cage. This is how singers are taught to sing. Why? It is because you increase the amount of air volume going into your lungs to hold out a note for long periods of time.1 This can also be called diaphragmatic breathing, and when we consciously seek to control our diaphragm when we breathe slowly, we increase the tidal volume going into our lungs.

Slow, and deep mindful breathing exercises has been shown to decrease the amount of pulmonary dead space.2

Dead space is the amount of air, that is inhaled into the lungs, that doesn’t take part in the gas exchange within the lungs. As we decrease our respiratory rate and increase tidal volume of air going into our lungs, it recruits more alveoli within our lungs to work more efficiently.

Practicing slow, deep breathing can greatly help in respiratory function and all types of respiratory problems. Learn to breathe.


Yoga Symbol for Breathe

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