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Day 9 An Add-on to Breathing Before Sleep

An add on to the breathing technique previously suggested, while laying in bed before sleep would be to think about all the things you did good through out the day or listing the things that you were grateful for the day. Doing this leaves your brain on a positive note about the day and prompts your subconscious mind to have positive dreams at night. Then upon waking in the morning, that will often be the first thing you think about. What a great way to reduce and let go of stress while improving your quality of sleep.

Gratitude has been shown to re-wire the brain in healthy patterns. According to one of the worlds most renown experts on gratitude it does 4 things within the body:1

  1. Gratitude allows celebration of the present

  2. Gratitude blocks toxic emotions (envy, resentment, regret, depression)

  3. Grateful people are more stress-resilient

  4. Gratitude strengthens social ties and self-worth



I hope you can use this information to better your sleep and your life. References:

Till next time. Thank you,

Dr. Josef Patterson DC

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