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Pre-natal Chiropractic Part 7 – Pregnancy and Emotions?

It’s a big part of my practice to focus on the energy side of things and during pregnancy women feel a lot of emotions and waves of feelings. As chiropractic deals with structural bio mechanical issues, I have found that emotions, among other things, can be a great cause of stress, and therefore tightness in the muscles causing aches and pains elsewhere.

Feelings of inadequacy or overwhelmed often times gets stored in the shoulders and neck and can be the cause of neck/shoulder tightness and even headaches. Letting go of those feelings through the Emotion Code or by some other means, can greatly improve the softness of your muscles and make the pregnant mother feel better.

The emotion of overwhelmed is also one that is produced by the sexual organs and glands (including the uterus) according to Chinese Medicine. If mom is feeling this emotion, then there is a high probability that growing baby is feeling it as well since it’s inside the original organ producing it. Pregnant moms get take steps to calm the mind, and recognize that the universe isn’t ever going to throw something at you that you wont be able to handle.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Josef Patterson

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