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Root Chakra – Part III – Foods, Sounds & Stones to Help

Foods that are high in Earth energy will help to balance the root chakra. These may include organic nuts, root vegetables and healthy grains.

If you are familiar with music you may notice the note sounds DO, RE, MI, FA, SO, LA, TI. See how there are seven of them? This is called the Western Solfeggio system of sounds and each sound correlates to a chakra. The Eastern Sargam System is similar to the Western system, and it has been around for thousands of years! DO is the sound for the root chakra. The drums are the musical instrument that supports this chakra. Just as the root chakra is the foundation of all of the chakras, the drums help it due to its fundamental foundation to a song.1

Some stones that support your Root chakra can include red jasper, bloodstone, black tourmaline, black obsidian, hematite, and smokey quartz.2

Enjoy doing practices that support and balance your root chakra! References:



Dr. Josef Patterson

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