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What causes a Subluxation?

Subluxations, or joints partially dislocated, can come from acute injury to the joint, sitting too long, laying down for too long, overstretching from hyperextension, or repetitive movement that is damaging tissues. Other things can cause a subluxation as well such as arthritis, or pregnancy. All of these things can compromise integrity of ligaments. 

I often get patients coming to me who tweak their back by bending over to pick up something small such as a pencil or another small item. This happens not because they are weak, but because of a lack of stability. Many times when bending over it is easy to lose good posture, and when that posture goes out the window, there is an increased risk to injury. Also, the lack of keeping the stomach tight (to guard your movements) can greatly influence the risk of injury.

When bending down, bend with your hips and knees while sucking in your stomach. Do NOT bend with your back with your stomach relaxed!

Yours in health,

Dr. Josef Patterson

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