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What to expect at a chiropractor appointment

An in-person first-time appointment with Dr. Patterson would consist of 45 minutes of consultation, evaluation, and treatment. 

The first 5-15 minutes are devoted to the consultation when Dr Patterson goes over your new patient forms with you to get an idea of how he can best help you.

Next, Dr Patterson will take 0-5 minutes to evaluate your complaint to see if it’s a structural, nutritional or emotional/energetic issue.

Finally, the rest of your new patient appointment is devoted to treatment! During this time, according to your complaint, Dr Patterson may adjust you using the activator, diversified technique, or Webster technique. A percussive instrument may be used to help relax the muscles as well.

As part of your treatment, Dr. Patterson will also muscle test you using applied kinesiology to see if your complaint has an emotional/energetic or nutritional component to it. Treatment in this arena may be used via the Emotion and Body Code techniques, the Morphogenetic Field Technique, the Hypothalamic Reset Technique, the Canio-biotic Technique, Forgiveness, or utilizing frequency tools such as a tuning fork, a Tibetan singing bowl, a magnet, or even just deep breathing.

Dr. Patterson may prescribe nutritional and herbal supplementation to aid you in your healing process. He uses a variety of supplement brands such as Standard Process, MediHerb, Nutri-West, Thorne, and Biotics. Dr. Patterson may just suggest certain foods for you to eat as part of your treatment plan.

Another aspect of your health treatment may be receiving and performing certain exercises at home for better results. These exercises may include weight training, aerobic exercise, deep breathing exercises, Qigong, core strengthening exercises and functional exercises. Other exercises may be prescribed to help balance your emotional and energetic wellbeing.

Your next returning appointment will be 30 minutes in which more time may be devoted to treatment. Hope this information serves you, and we look forward to seeing you in our office! Thank you!

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