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Chiropractic and Headaches Part 2

In my opinion chiropractic adjustments can and do help people who suffer with headaches. Although, does it treat the cause all of the time? Probably not. Ask yourself, “Why am I getting this headache?” Or, “Why is my neck so tight, giving me this headache?” Then wait and see of what comes to your mind. You may have thoughts cross your mind that surprise you! If no thoughts come to your mind right away, rest assured that there are answers to the “why” of your headache. It is important to look at your headache with a wholistic mindset, as often times many other factors go into play with it.

Your headache could be linked to organ related imbalances, or due to emotional trauma or emotional stress, lack of sleep, digestive issues, lack of balance in life, etc.. Take time to ponder the “why” to your headaches, and you will find ways to treat it!

Yours in Health, Dr. Josef Patterson

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