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Chiropractic and Infantile Colic

A Colicky baby is one who cries for extended periods of time and is difficult to comfort. Things like rocking the child, or playing calming music and using a pacifier have and can help.

There isn’t much in the literature on the effects of chiropractic care to help infantile colic. Although, a recent study showed promise that there may be some groups of babies that may show more benefit in reducing colic with chiropractic care.1 The average reduction of colic was half an hour of less crying in babies compared to the control group, and it wasn’t statistically significant. That being said, there were large beneficial changes in other individuals. Of course there needs to be more studies on whether or not chiropractic adjustments really help infants with colic, but there are many who have reported great benefits from it!


1. Holm, L. V., Jarbøl, D. E., Christensen, H. W., Søndergaard, J., & Hestbæk, L. (2021). The effect of chiropractic care on infantile colic: results from a single-blind randomised controlled trial. Chiropractic & manual therapies, 29(1), 15.

Yours in Health, Dr. Josef Patterson

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