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Chiropractic and Infantile Reflux

Reflux is a fancy word for vomiting or acid coming up the esophagus. This is common in infants especially since their sphincter muscles that open and close the stomach aren’t fully developed until they’re about 9 to 11 months old. There are common reasons why a baby might have reflux. The most common one would be food allergies, and gluten and dairy are the two biggest ones to consider removing from the child’s diet or if breastfed, remove from the mothers diet. Emotional turmoil can be a cause for reflux in a child, birth trauma, or even a stuck vertebrae.

There isn’t much in studies showing that chiropractic care helps with reflux in an infant. Though, I have seen great improvements in babies with their reflux issues in the adjustments I have given to them.

Yours In Health, Dr. Josef Patterson

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