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Chiropractic Care 3x Per Week For The Rest of Your Life? – Part 2

Yes, there are benefits to seeing a chiropractor! That much has been observed. Although, to what point? If a patient goes through with the previous blog posts’ treatment plan, they will see improved range of motion. They will see a positive change in the curvature in their spine with the post treatment X-ray. They will most likely see better improvement in their posture as well.

One of the cons to this treatment model is that each person has their own variations in their anatomy than that of anyone else on the planet. To say that they are dysfunctional and broken by comparing them to someone else, is putting the patient down. Should we be comparing ourselves with anyone else other than ourselves from our past? When we start comparing ourselves to others we will always be disappointment in ourself. Why? Because we will always find someone better than us. Someone with a larger curve in their spine, or someone else with a younger and healthier back. 

Yours in Health,

Dr. Josef Patterson

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