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Chiropractic Care 3x Per Week For The Rest of Your Life? – Part 3

Another con towards receiving very frequent chiropractic adjustments is in developing joint laxity. Over time of repeated adjustments to the same joints, the joints can become hyper-mobile, and become unstable. Well, what about the better posture part of this plan? Yes, you can receive better posture, but are you changing your lifestyle choices? Maybe your forward head posture is due to looking down at your phone for hours each day without exercising the muscles that work to support your head. It is just as important to make lifestyle changes when it comes to having good posture.

When making a decision on whether or not to follow through with this treatment plan, ask yourself, “If I choose to do this, am I choosing it out of fear? Or am I choosing it because I feel within my heart that it is right and that I should do it?” If you feel at peace with yourself about choosing this treatment plan, then by all means you should do it! If, however, you feel afraid that you’re going to die due to disc degeneration or suffer horrible arthritis if you don’t go through with this, then I might consider getting another opinion or re-evaluate what it is you get to do. In any sense, feel RIGHT about your decision.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Josef Patterson

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