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Day 16 Mindful breathing and CANCER?

We just spoke about oxidative stress or free radical build up within the body and how it can be the cause of cancer. There have been many reports of cancer patients being benefited by doing mindful, diaphragmatic breathing. By benefits I mean stopping the cancer from growing further, and even putting the cancer into remission, preventing it from further recurrences!1 Isn’t that wonderful? The power of our breath truly does amazing things and gives us more life!

There are many other studies done on how mindful breathing has helped cancer patients. One such study of 162 patients with different types of cancers showed significant improvements in fatigue, overall quality of life, mood disturbance, and inflammation when compared with the usual care.2

There have other case reports of cancer becoming totally cured from qigong practices. Even if it didn’t “cure” the cancer, qigong and tai chi has been well documented to benefit the symptoms associated with cancer.


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Dr. Josef Patterson DC

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