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Day 17 Weight Reduction and the Breath

Due to the fact that Qigong or any other mindfulness practice increases mitochondrial function, you will notice your whole body heating up. When you heat up you burn more calories. Calories are a contributing factor towards losing weight, but the sole reason behind weight gain or weight loss. A discussion on calories needs to be for another post☺. Suffice it to say for this posts’ purposes, an increase in calories can definitely help to losing weight!

Deep breathing with mindful practices doesn’t only just increase the calories that you burn though. They focus on training your mind and your body. When we train our mind and body we begin to find out the reasons why we do what we do. Often times we eat junk food because of a certain way that we feel, and that can for sure be a contributing factor to gaining weight. If we can identify those reasons for our emotions, then we can work to clear those negative emotions or feelings in our life, and thereby find greater motivation and strength to overcome the desire to by the junk food in the first place!

With this in mind, we can look at mindfulness practices as being a means to come at weight loss from multiple factors of life. For it is the lifestyle habit that we are seeking to change if that lifestyle habit doesn’t meet our ultimate goal of health. When we change the negative habits, our body will soon follow!

Till next time. Thank you,

Dr. Josef Patterson DC

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