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Day 26 Breathing to Live

I love this quote taken from a stone inscription written around 500 BCE of the Zhou dynasty:

“In transporting the breath, the inhalation must be full. When it is full, it has big capacity. When it has big capacity, it can be extended. When it is extended, it can penetrate downward. When it penetrates downward, it will become calmly settle. When it is calmly settled, it will be strong and firm. When it is strong and firm, it will germinate. When it germinates, it will grow. When it grows, it will retreat upward. When it retreats upward, it will reach the top of the head. The secret power of the Providence moves above. The secret power of the Earth moves below.”

“He who follows this will live. He who acts against this will die.”

Those are some intense and deep words that can have lots of meaning. This text gives us a guide map to proper breathing. With what we have learned previously on these blog posts on breathing, it truly is the breath that gives us life. Whether you believe in God, Buddha, or the Universe as our creator, the breath seems to be a common theme that is lent to us which keeps us alive. Even if you don’t believe in Deity, it’s pretty well known that when you stop breathing you will die. Many people report those who are passing on tend to take one deep breath and exhale it out before they die.

Lets think about this one for a moment. If we stop breathing just partially (by holding our breath or shallow breathing) we may die partially. Or in other words have illness or disease. If we continue on that path of holding onto that partial breath, then it may even lead us to the grave. On the flip side, the more we breathe, and the more effectively we breathe, then the more we can recover, rejuvenate, perform, and heal from our infirmities.

Till next time. Thank you,

Dr. Josef Patterson DC

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