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Day 28 Breathing and Scoliosis

A remarkable story of a woman who cured her own scoliosis which was “incurable” according to conventional medicine at the time, was from Katharina Schroth. Born in the late 1800’s Katharina was diagnosed with scoliosis which suffering would be expected to leave her in bed the rest of her life and roll around in a wheel chair.

She didn’t want that to be her life though. Receiving inspiration from a balloon on how it expanded and moved around things, she felt that the lungs were no different. She thought that if she could expand her lungs, then she might be able to straighten her spine and improve her life. She worked to mirror the deformity in her back with specific corrective movements. She also realized that postural control can only be obtained by changing postural perception.

Isn’t it neat that by movements and breathing one can influence the curvature of their spine! Reference:

1. Weiss, HR. The method of Katharina Schroth – history, principles and current development. Scoliosis 6, 17 (2011).

Thank you,

Dr. Josef Patterson DC

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