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Day 29 Tummo Breathing and Increasing Temperature

What’s really remarkable is the fact that some forms of breath such as Tummo breathing can increase the body’s temperature so that it won’t get hypothermia and stay warm in freezing temperatures! In 1981 Herbert Benson went to the Himalayas placed sensors on three monks to measure their temperatures. When asked to perform Tummo breathing, the monks extremities went up by as much as 17 degrees Fahrenheit then stayed there!1

In the early 2000’s a man named Wim Hof was able to simplify Tummo breathing and teach it to others who have no prior special training. Radboud University researchers injected E. Coli endotoxins, which induces fever and nausea, into one such group who learned from Hof and the group was able to control

their heart rate, temperature, and immune response by stimulating the sympathetic nervous system. They never got sick from it!2

This is called the breath of fire for good reason! It may be beneficial for all of us in our day and age, to learn this technique to give us boosts of energy, and to enhance the immune system to heal wounds and fight off infections.


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  2. Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre. (2011, April 22). Research on ‘Iceman’ Wim Hof suggests it may be possible to influence autonomic nervous system and immune response. ScienceDaily. Retrieved June 28, 2022 from

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