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Infants/Children and Energy Work?

Many people are concerned for their child’s surroundings on an energetic level and rightly so. Due to the fact that everything is energy, even our own thoughts, infants and children pick up on that energy be it negative or positive. People ask me frequently if its safe and effective to treat newborns or kids and the answer to both of those questions is yes!

Infants and children show greater sensitivity to energies, and therefore can, and often do, show improvements from energy healing sooner and greater than adults do! As adults we come pre- programmed with our own thoughts or opinions about things as well as our limiting belief systems. Infants and children don’t usually have as many of these things and are more open to receiving healing from negative energies.

We can use Applied Kinesiology (or muscle testing) on children, as long as their attention span is there ☺. I have tested my own children even when they are babies. Often, though, it is easier at times for one of the parents to hold their child while the person muscle testing muscle tests the parent in the stead of the child; this is possible because the parent is connected to the child by touching him or her and can “sense” the energy of what’s going on. My hope is that you feel comfortable with energy healing to allow your kids and babies to find the benefits on energy medicine early in their life.

Dr. Josef Patterson

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