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What Can My Child or Baby Be Helped with from Energy Healing?

If everything is truly energy, then the range of benefits from energy healing can be endless! Some common issues I have worked with and helped with in infants and children are sleep issues, skin problems, digestive problems and many more.

Many times the child picks up on the energetic cues of his or her parents or guardians. So sometimes it can be just as effective to treat the parent as well as the child due to the direct energetic link from the child and the parent. Often times we help the parent to be more at peace with themselves and the child also responds accordingly in a positive way.

I want to emphasize that if your child is “fussy” or “acting out” it doesn’t always mean that you’re a horrible parent. Sometimes you do the best you can and regardless of what you do, some children just act out or respond negatively. We can see this as we look back in time with all types of parents and parenting styles.

Dr. Josef Patterson

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