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Introduction to Chakra’s

The idea of the chakra’s first came from the ancient traditions of Hinduism with references to six or seven chakras.1,2 Buddhist sources normally mention five chakras.3 In this post and in the following posts, I will be focusing mainly on the modern chakra system focusing on the seven main chakras. There are many more chakras within the body than the main seven though.

The word chakra means “wheel” or “cycle.” It’s a vortex of swirling energy that holds your Qi (or prana in yoga terms) in that area. The chakras hold energies of thoughts, feelings, and past experiences that can influence our present and future selves. Chakras are located in major nerve bundles and organs that can have authority over our psychological, emotional, and spiritual states of consciousness. It is also said that the seven chakra system is a map of the levels of consciousness.

We will look into each chakra starting at the 1st or Root chakra and move up this ladder of consciousness to a more enlightened state of mind and body.


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