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A deeper dive into Chinese Medicine

To regain the balance spoken of in our previous post, Chinese Medicine offers a variety of different techniques and modalities. These can include:

–  Massage

–  Herbal Remedies

–  Cupping

–  Moxibustion

–  Movement and Meditative exercises (such as tai chi and qigong)

–  Acupuncture/Acupressure

I won’t go into all of these treatments in this blog, but I do want to dab into components of them. One of these components that contribute greatly to health and healing are the chakras. Chakras are thought to regulate organ function, the immune system and our emotions. There is also the idea that there are 6 evils or 6 pernicious influences that cause illnesses within the body. These influences are wind, cold, damp, heat, summer heat and dryness. In the following blog posts I will go into these things more in depth.

Dr. Josef Patterson

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