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Is It Placebo?

Many people look at Chiropractic and other alternative reports of healings as being placebo. If it is placebo and it works, then that’s great! Embrace the placebo! Although, hundreds of thousands of people report to have received benefit from Chiropractic with various ailments, the placebo can be an integral part in a persons healing.

The belief of an individual also plays an important role in that persons healing process. If a person doesn’t believe they can be healed or if they don’t love themselves, then it is often very difficult to heal; they may have many doctors for different problems and overbook their calendars with appointments to try to spear head issues with all angles. Yet somehow they don’t seem to get better from their issues. Every doctor is different that is true. Though, I believe as human beings, it is vital for all of us to look inward at ourselves and ponder on our problems; ask questions to our consciousness and wait to see what answers come to the mind. As answers come, we become more aware why we are experiencing what we are experiencing which gives us greater capacity to overcome our obstacles.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Josef Patterson

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