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More on D.D. Palmer Part 1 – Founder of Chiropractic

A large part of my practice can be echoed further with what Dr. D.D. Palmer said:

“I feel it my bounden duty to not only replace displaced bones, but also teach others, so that the physical and spiritual may enjoy health, happiness and the full fruition of our earthly lives.” 

~ Daniel D. Palmer

This is also what the word “doctor” means; to teach! I feel that if a doctor isn’t teaching, he or she is missing something in their practice. A great part of healing comes from the knowledge of how or why things are working the way they are. It can also be said that this life is all about chasing our ignorance – to be rid of it! If we have a problem or an issue in our life, then there is ignorance involved with it. Whether it’s not knowing what to do, or struggling to listen to that inner voice, or a lack of understanding; in all cases, there is a lack of knowledge.

As a wholistic practitioner, I desire and feel that it’s vitally important for all people to receive knowledge, and from that knowledge receive greater capacity to heal and live a better more fulfilling life.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Josef Patterson

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