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Chiropractic Care and Innate Intelligence Part 2

This innate intelligence spoken of before also goes through the nervous system; bringing information and instructions to all parts of our body. The original thought of an adjustment was to move the partially dislocated joint, or subluxation, and thereby freeing the innate intelligence to communicate without interference to the affected area. From this, healing can occur, mobility can be restored, and a patients overall health can be greatly helped!

Some Chiropractors and Medical Doctors alike often try to scare a patient into buying into the idea that they are broken and that their body is going to be crippled down the road if they don’t get treatment from them. This is not the basis or the original idea of why chiropractic or traditional medicine began. It was meant to help others to heal. The body knows how to heal, and we can find it within us! Sometimes we do need a little nudge with the help of nutritional or herbal supplements or even pharmaceuticals if necessary. However, we can manipulate that light energy within us to also receive great healing and enlarge our capacities for good in all areas of our life.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Josef Patterson

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