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Pre-natal Chiropractic Part 4 – The Uterine ligaments

We mentioned in our previous post about adjusting the pelvis to help relax the uterus more. There are two main ligaments that support the uterus on either side that chiropractors can address and I would like to discuss them here. These ligaments are the only ligaments in the human body that have muscle surrounding them. Not even Males have muscles that grow and get bigger around a ligament as the ligament gets bigger or stretched.

The first ligament attaching to the uterus is called the uterosacral ligament. This ligament comes from the back of the uterus and inserts into the sacrum. This ligament can be pulled too tight on one side if the sacrum is displaced. Adjusting the sacrum properly can assist this ligament with its associated surrounding muscle to relax and relieve tension on the uterus.

The second ligament we to discuss is the Round ligament. This one is most often felt by pregnant mothers because it’s the one that spasms or brings sharp pains when trying to situate and get comfortable in bed. It is located from the front of the pubic bone and inserts into the side of the uterus. This ligament can also be tight on one side, causing tension to be on the one side of the uterus. Therefore, this can make baby feel uncomfortable and want to move into a less-than-ready position (ie. Head down position).

Chiropractic care through the Webster Technique can and often does help ease the discomfort of women through labor and delivery. Pregnant mothers being so in tune with their bodies also see results quickly too.

Your’s in Health,

Dr. Josef Patterson

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