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Pre-natal Chiropractic Part 5 – Calcium and Leg Cramps?

Often times a pregnant mother, especially in the first trimester, gets sick and receives an aversion towards food. What also happens is the mothers body will put the growing baby first in priority over the mother. So if mom is not eating very much during pregnancy, then any calorie or nutrient that is taken is being sent to baby and mom doesn’t get it! 

Calcium for instance, if not eaten or taken regularly during pregnancy will cause a bunch of issues with mom. Baby will get calcium to grow his or her bones one way or another, and if they don’t get it through moms diet, then they will get it from moms bones themselves. Yes, bone density can decrease in women who lack sufficient vitamins and minerals in their diet. Calcium especially is needed for muscle contraction and even more so for muscle relaxation! Yes, it takes more minerals and energy to relax a muscle than it does to contract it! This is why after people pass-on, they receive what’s called “rigor mortise” as their body stiffens up.

With insufficient calcium in the body, women also receive muscle cramps, which commonly known as “Charlie horses.” There are also so many different types of calcium’s out there. Which one is the best one to take? Are there side effects to any of them? We will explore more about calcium in our next blog post.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Josef Patterson

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