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Root Chakra – Part II – To Strengthen and “Open” It (Meditation)

When we feel safe enough to use our creative powers – be it painting, gardening, grounding, creating a child, dancing, etc., we take measures to balance and “open” our root chakra.

There are many other exercises that can help you to “open” your root chakra. These exercises often stem from yoga, or qigong. Any exercise that causes you to bend your legs such as lunges, warrior stance II, or a simple squat can help. One that I like from qigong is a practice called The Standing Tree meditation.

This meditation is traditionally done while standing still (hence the tree not moving☺). Bring your arms out in-front of you as if you are hugging a tree having your fingers pointing towards each other (palms facing your body), and your arms in such a way to have a circle between them. Focus first on your breathing – nice and slow, in through the nose and out the mouth. Then, as you feel your body going into a calm state, almost like a trance, put all of your creative insecurities, anxieties, and negativity you may have towards yourself and others in the circle between your arms. Still while breathing slowly, ask yourself where all of these negative things are coming from. You may want to just start with one negative thing first. See what comes to your mind. As specific thoughts come forgive that person or yourself if you come to your mind, forgive yourself for holding onto it and let it all go. Speaking, or mouthing it with your lips can help with this release. Continue this exercise of asking about the source of each thing in the circle until you feel balanced with all of them and cleared of that influence.

If you want to get some exercise in with this meditation you can start off with a slight bend in the knees and hold it for a few minutes or as long as you want while doing the meditation. As your legs get stronger you can move further and further into a squatting position or a more sumo squatting position (keeping the theme of the tree in mind).

When your meditation feels complete, notice how you feel. Do you feel lighter, more confident and secure? If so, you know that this meditation and exercise has helped you to find more balance and your root chakra is healthier and happier.

Dr. Josef Patterson

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