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Introduction To Chinese Medicine

Western Medicine in general has given traditional Chinese Medicine a bad rap over the years as being something metaphysical or pseudoscience. My hope is that we might be open to the topic of Chinese Medicine and realize that there is a reason why it has stuck around for over 5,000 years! If it didn’t help people within this time frame, then human beings would have done away with it long ago.

Chinese Medicine takes many forms and has many different fields of focus. The fundamental component behind Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is something called Qi. Qi is the energy within your body that keeps you alive and is also called the vital force of life. If Qi is imbalanced, then the body responds in pain, illness, or disease. TCM seeks to balance stuck or stagnant Qi within the body by allowing it to move and flow properly. Another belief behind TCM is that we are all connected in the fabrication of the universe. If we can balance ourselves with a calm mind and body, then we bring more balance not only to ourselves but also the cosmos.

To receive this balance we need to find peace in all our organs and the external worldly elements which are earth, fire, water, wood, and metal.

Dr. Josef Patterson

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