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Day 20 Kung Fu

Kung Fu is a form of Qigong and helps to focus the breath and chi in martial arts. There are many types of Kung Fu as well. One of the most common ones is Shaolin Kung Fu. Many Shaolin Kung Fu masters infuse their pupils trainings with Qigong as it enhances performance in Kung Fu, and aids in the mindset of performing Kung Fu techniques.

Tai Chi is also a form of Kung Fu, albeit a more gentle and flowing style of it. Today, Tai Chi is practiced mainly in slow exact movements (pretty much just doing Qigong). Very few masters today teach it as a martial art.

If you like idea of Qigong with all of its healing capabilities, and you desire to also build your self confidence with learning a self-defense technique, then Kung Fu, or Tai Chi would be a great companion to you. Some people have asked if Kung Fu is better than Kickboxing in a real fight. The answer to that is that it depends. If there are hand to hand weapons involved (like a sword or quarter staff), then Kung Fu would be better. If it’s just your body alone, then Kickboxing would be a more effective technique. Kickboxing focuses on the “combat” side of fighting, where Kickboxing students doing a lot of sparring and get use to fighting other people. Many Kung Fu students or even practitioners don’t do any sparring which proves to be much less effective in a real fight with someone who knows kickboxing.

Regardless of the martial art, it can greatly bolster your confidence level as well as make you more fit and heal where healing is needed.

Till next time. Thank you,

Dr. Josef Patterson DC

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