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Pre-natal Chiropractic Part 2 – What Occurs While The Webster Technique is Performed?

First, while the pregnant mom is laying face down on the pregnancy pillow(s), the trained chiropractor is finds the side of the sacrum that is “rocked” back more on one side verses the other and adjusts that side either with a drop table, activator (clicker), or by mobilizing it. Then gently massaging the piriformis muscles on both sides helps the sacrum and the tail bone to relax even more. From here the doctor will palpate to find the tight sacrotuberous ligament and apply pressure on it to help it to relax as well. 

The patient is then brought to lay on her back and if there is any pubic symphasis pain, a gentle adjustment may occur, otherwise the practitioner will find which psoas muscle is tight and work to pin and stretch it to help it to relax. The psoas muscles go from the lower back and go in front of the pelvis to insert into the femur bone. This allows the legs to move up in front of you and if it’s tight, it can put tension on the uterus. Then the tight round ligament is identified and light pressure is applied to it till it relaxes. There you go! That’s the Webster Technique! Other chiropractors may add other adjustments according to the needs and wants of the patient, but that is the gist of the technique.

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Dr. Josef Patterson

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