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Day 18 Qi gong and The Breath of Life

In Chinese medicine the breath is held in high regard. So much so that they call it the “breath of life.” This wording may be recognized by some from a religious standpoint. As part of the practices of Buddhism, Asian cultures have learned to utilized the breath to increase their health, meditate, practice mindfulness, increase their spirituality, and even receive enlightenment. They even developed martial arts while using the breath!

Qi gong means the utilization and cultivation of our life force energy (Qi, Chi, or Ki). That through the breath, intention and movement we are able to heal, and use our energy for self improvement and self defense. In the Chinese medical theory, when the qi is out of balance, the sicknesses or disease becomes a result. With the things that we have learned so far with the breathing alone, implementing Qi gong practices in our life can greatly influence our wellbeing and way of life.

Till next time. Thank you,

Dr. Josef Patterson DC

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