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Day 22 Breathing, Mindfulness, and Emotions?

When we become more and more aware of our body and find out the hows and the whys as to its motives and actions, we will find ourselves noticing certain emotions or feelings beginning to surface. What I mean by surfacing is that an emotion or memory might come to the mind; or some people notice an increase in energy/buzzing feeling that literally comes to the surface of the body. Once you notice it, or see it, the negative energy is ready to be released. A great way to release it is to take that deep diaphragmatic breath and let it (the emotion or memory) go.

A great way to make this release the most effective is to incorporate forgiveness with that release. Letting go of emotions that are negative are always good, and inherently we replace that negativity with

something positive; this is because inherently we are good people. Although sometimes our body needs a little bit more help. When we release negativity with forgiveness we are infusing our physical and energy body’s with a large dose of humility.

I know what you may be thinking. “Humility? That’s a sign of weakness.” On the contrary, it is the opposite of weakness. Having the strength to forgive someone for what they did, and then forgive yourself for holding onto it, gives you the ability to be open and teachable. Without being open and teachable, we will always struggle to find out the true cause of our problems.

Till next time. Thank you,

Dr. Josef Patterson DC

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